“The churches must learn humility as well as teach it.”

Jeremy Thompson

Our Apostle

Pastor Vaibhav Kapoor

Pastor Vaibhav Kapoor

Pastor Vaibhav was saved from a Hindu family in then year 2001 and had to endure great opposition and retaliation from his family and the society as a cost of following Jesus. His family’s distress, financial instability and his personal ill health clenched him for over a decade until Lord Jesus came to Him and held him in His loving arms. From the age of 7 to 17, Vaibhav lived a hopeless life. He developed severe depression and anger within himself which separated him from his family and the world. He started hating everyone around him and above all, his family as he felt that they were responsible for his broken life. But on October 21, 2001 Lord Jesus invaded his life when he met a pastor who prayed for him.

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